November 30, 2008
Dear Edwina,
How do I nicely ask my friends not to ALWAYS play with me every time I arrive at class? I like my friends a lot but wish they would just give me some space.

Dear Zachary -

It’s really cool that you have so many friends they want to play with you — but I totally agree and understand that everyone needs some alone time.  So I suggest when you don’t feel like playing with your friends, simply say so, but offer another time you’ll play with them
.    That way they won’t feel bad, and you’ll get the space you need!  That’s what I, Edwina Spoonapple, would do.  :)  
 xoxox Edwina
November 23, 2008
Dear Edwina,
I do not like to wear pants, but my mom makes me wear pants in the winter. What should I do?

Dear Ellen -

First of all, it depends on where you live.  If you live in the Northeast, wearing shorts in December, while original and fabulous,  would not be a good idea.  What’s the point of being cold?  If you live in Hawaii, however, this might be a different issue.  So — if you like wearing skirts instead of pants, ask your Mom if she’ll get you some fabulous tights to wear with your skirt.  If you don’t like the pants you have, see if you can find some that you like in magazines or something.  No matter what, if your parents insist on the trouser wearing,  before you “Say No Thank You”, I would give pants a chance.  Hey - “Give Pants a Chance...” that sounds like a great idea for a song!.  Hm.  I will seriously have to think about that.

Xoxoxo Edwina